Our Story...Home Brew

We've lived in Austin now for 17 years and this is Home.  Shortly after we started brewing 5 years ago we had our first dream of opening a Bed and Brew...a theme we thought unique and  for the obvious reasons...we love good beer, good food and good people.  Why not make this our lifestyle, pool our creative efforts and create a place that WE would love to visit!  So, we thought about the environment and the future of creating a craft beer line that will eventually be available to visitors which prompted the investigation of all things Green.  Our garden is a certified Wildlife Habitat and we have installed 1,500 gallons of rainwater collection and put in a metal roof (which will eventually hold solar panels) and will be our water source for our beer, once filtered.  The little garage that stood in the now Bn'B spot was taken down carefully and the wood set aside for the loft and Cheryl stained the original concrete floor.  The architecture was born out of many conversations with various friends and architects about passive building and scouring many websites and readings on healthy living.  Several conscious decisions were made in the building process...all with the kind of people we would like to meet, in mind.